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The Founder's Club

Post by Othus on Mon Apr 06, 2015 3:53 am

Feeling like doing something for the greater good? you can now take part in the development of our community and make a real difference!
all donations are turned into credits which can only be used on the site, there is no better way to improve our vice!
the credits can be used to purchase a domain name, remove ads and even to add more storage to our inboxes!
Founder's club members get the following perks as a sign of our eternal gratitude:
1.-personal shootout at the site
2.-gold founder's tag *or* gold and black founders tag *or* gold VIP tag
3.-choose your own custom title (tired of your veteran rank? how about getting a heavenly king status?)
4.-is there something you want to see on othus vice? help us decide the direction of this site in the monthly meeting between the council,the founders and the owner.

you can join for as little as 3 bucks and you'll help the site big time! just head to the bottom of the page and click on contribution!
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