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Character creation tips!

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Character creation tips!

Post by Othus on Sun Feb 22, 2015 8:17 pm

Basically, your character needs to fulfill this criteria

1.-Story/background for your character: origins of the character, how he got his powers, who he is?

2.-Define his stand: is he a hero? a villain? an anti hero? or simply neutral?

3.-Add his powers: can he fly? can he shoot beams out of his eyes? does he know martial arts? you elaborate!

4.- Measure his powers: what are his limits? is he building level? galaxy level? you tell me! (pro tip: avoid overpowered characters, they are boring and a pain in the ass, try to make them below planetary and youll be just fine)

5.-describe your character: describe how he looks like AND how he acts like. this is crucial to define how good your character turn out.
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