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The Beam Samurai Bio

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The Beam Samurai Bio

Post by Newtype on Sun Mar 29, 2015 1:21 pm

Name: Neo Parker

Alias: Beam Samurai, Neon Parker(Some mispronounce his name this way.)

Race: Human

Age: 23

Occupation: Freelance Merc

Origin of Power: Technology and BMS(Body, Mind, and Soul/Spirit)

Avatar: Travis Touchdown, Greed

Neo is a 6 foot and 170 pound male, He normally has dark spiky hair and just as frequently wear's sunglasses or shades.


Neo was born in America. He's the second oldest out of four children. He had a little sister named Jeanne and little brother named Jeremy as well as an older brother named Ross. His mother never worked because parents won the lottery and made smart investments with not too large portions of the money. His father was a scientist(mad scientist in his mom's opinion) that designed technology meant for the Hidden World. They lived in not exactly a mansion but a large house. Neo as a young boy would enter the basement, his father's workshop/lab often. He had a deep interest in his father's main work, which was creating a beam Katana. But he'd always get the; "This is not a playground" speech from his father. He had no idea that his father was a super human, actually no one did except his mom and Ross as the eldest son. When he was 12 his parents were killed right in front of him traumatizing him to the point of not even being able to recall what happened. All he could remember of that incident is the face of the murderer and his weapon which was a Katana and how fast the man disappeared, it was instantly he blurred and was gone.

After the incident, it was only he and his siblings left. His brother was 18 at the time and took the position as children's guardian. Ross hired a butler and a maid to manage things when he was gone, preoccupied, etc. Ross would train his siblings how to use their abilities. He taught them how to use their super human minds and bodies. Ross especially trained Neo how to wield the one of beam Katanas his father finished before his death, Ross chose the other one. The two younger siblings however developed differently, one was better at using their super human body and was better at using their superhuman mind. Surprisingly it was Jeremy that leaned towards mind and Jeanne that leaned towards body. Neo was more balanced like his brother but unlike his brother who's skill in both went beyond that of the younger ones, he actually was a little below his little siblings in both making his skills with the beam Katana the only thing that placed him above them.

As a teenager Neo became a delinquent. He didn't go to school often and used that time to cause trouble or watch television. He would often get into arguments with the maid, butler, and even intense ones with his older brother that normally escalated into fights that Neo would lose. Eventually Neo had enough. He withdrew a lot of money from the trust fund and then took his father's second work which was a high tech motorbike, then he left his family and wouldn't see them again for years. He moved into a motel and got into the mercenary business taking whatever jobs he could to get money but still he would only get enough to get by in his life. He did train but most often it was with his beam Katana. He trained oddly by copying movements from television and then perfecting them. This was his life, living in a hotel, solo training, and taking minimum pay jobs, until he turned 21.

When he turned 21 he had a family reunion/intervention. Apparently, they'd been keeping tabs on him since he left. He found out that his siblings are accomplished Freelance Mercs and faced reality that he was failure. He decided this is not how it's going to be that things are going change, he found his ambition and became driven to obtain his Paradise! He decided that in order for him to advance he'd need a different teacher not his brother, this plus his weapon of choice beings a Katana drove him to move to Japan to find a master. Eventually he did find a master named Gajeel Kurozashi. Gajeel accepted Neo as his student out of sheer boredom. Gajeel taught Neo from the basics even confiscating Neo's beam Katana the Neon Rod. He taught Neo how to use a regular Katana first. He made Neo do all kinds of basic training. As the days went on Kurozashi intensified Neo's training, now adding in daily sparring session which allowed Neo to refine skills he obtained on his own. Then one day Gajeel gave Neo back his beam Katana and said these exact words "Your training is not complete but there's nothing I can teach you right now, it's up to you to gain experience in the field and comeback when you're ready." With that Neo left Gajeel's estate to truly head down his path to his Paradise.


Neo is the kind of guy to do what he feels like doing. He can choose to save the world just as much as make a living hell out of it. He has no problem with killing people, except when it comes to killing women which makes him uncomfortable afterwards. His "unbound"humor is a big part of him as he likes to make fun of anything and everything. Any respect he gives one must earn from him even if they're an omnipotent being. His will, heart, and determination is incredible and indomitable. He often shows no mercy to the enemy unless they earn his respect, he's very cruel to his enemies and will even make fun of their deaths. Though he's not one for attacking defenseless innocents which not even when he's being a bad guy he can bring himself to do. Despite being punk-ish and missing school he is highly knowledgeable and a fast learner due to having a super human brain. One thing he detest is when he doesn't get paid after completing a job, he will cause said person mayhem until he does get paid and may even just kill them while accepting he won't get paid. He loves to party and hit the club to have a good time, nothing like partying with a bunch of people to relieve the stress of battle. He is fan of a few different kinds of music and may even blast a song on his Smart Phone as battle music. He does however like any somewhat decent person values friendship a great deal possibly as much as his paradise that he seeks. Key components in what makes Neo himself is his ambition and greed, he especially feels that greed is like all things can be good even if most see it as bad. He can be egotistic sometimes which leads to a need to prove himself. He's also a major Otaku(don't judge) but for good reason.

Powers and Skills

Beam Katana

In beginning of his very first lessons of combat training he received his Katana known as the Neon Rod. Beam Katana are high tech versions of Katana, which instead of a metal blade it has an energy blade. Beam Katana like actual Katana can vary from model to model. They can be used like regular swords but are able to cut through matter with little or no resistance and just as well deflect projectiles and other Beam Katana.

Neo's specific Beam Katana is called the Neon Rod. It's simply a prototype but it's his signature weapon.This particular model uses a spiked receiver and a frame. Upon activation the blade, frame, and receiver are all extracting at the same time, making it that much easier to carry around. The blade is powered by an special energy crystal and the way the beam katana is wired in that energy from it is wired to go right back to the crystal, meaning the crysta! recycles energy. The frame and receiver not only allow the Beam Blade to be that much stronger but it allows it Neo to use them just like a reverse edge Katana.

Combat Skills
Neo is a formidable warrior, having had training in various areas. Not to mention his super human body and mind compliment these skills.

He's most proficient in swordsmanship due to being trained by his brother, television, and Master Gajeel. He's able to swing his blade efficiently without pointless time consuming and energy wasting movements. He's able to swing his blade with deadly accuracy to do something like slice a bug of a person without touching the person at all. He's able to wield his sword one handed, two handed, and even with a reverse one handed grip for times he draws his blade incorrectly.

He also quite proficient at hand to hand combat. Though he can't really pull of anything actually complex due to he normally uses h2h to support his swordsmanship. His signature maneuver is a bear hug that uses his legs to squeeze oxygen out of the lung of his opponent. He knows a few points to strike on a person to ruin their stance is the side of the abdomen and the back of knees.

Agility: He's possibly even more agile than cat. He's as flexible as cat and can do things such as long term wall running. He has excellent balance running on thick pipes but not on thin lines due to his weight.

Durability: He's as durable as a building.

Speed/Reflexes: Hypersonic(mach 5-15)

Stamina: May not live up to superhuman standards as he can only fight for multiple hours straight.

Strength: Considered a wimp by his sister to be only able to lift 5 tons while she can lift 5 times as that.

Other: His body has an astonishing healing rate in the eyes of humans. He'll stop bleeding in as little as hours and broken bones will mend themselves within 3 days. Missing limbs even seem to regrow themselves within a week.

Neo possesses a superhuman mind which can grants him extra instincts/senses.

Danger Sense, tells him when danger is about, which allows him to avoid sneak attacks to a certain degree. The warning is a short brief but insistent one. It doesn't normally give him the specifics of the attack or where to go. It just tells him mostly where not to be and where the danger is coming from. It will bother him until he either heeds it or it becomes too late. Neo can sometimes choose to ignore it when it comes to minor things.


NPC Section(Coming Soon)

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Re: The Beam Samurai Bio

Post by Othus on Sun Mar 29, 2015 3:36 pm

nice!!! looking foward to RP with him!
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Re: The Beam Samurai Bio

Post by YinYangSona on Sun Mar 29, 2015 9:34 pm

Fantastic job on this.

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Re: The Beam Samurai Bio

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