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Battle Forum Rules (MUST READ)

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Battle Forum Rules (MUST READ)

Post by Othus on Sat Feb 14, 2015 1:43 am


1.-Battles may or may not include anime characters.

2.-details on battle conditions must be included in the opening post of a match.

3.-If a character's first name is used within multiple titles, please specify the character's last name or what title they are from in the title or opening post of the thread when making a match. Please use official English names used by the official anime and manga publishing companies.

4.-Please make matches as fair as possible. Any thread with a match where one side is greatly outmatched or intentionally made to spite or flame the forum will be immediately locked.

5.-Foul language and memes are allowed to be included in posts, but not offensively. insults are not allowed under any circumstances, and anyone doing so will be punished accordingly.

6.-Repeat threads aren't allowed and will be locked on sight if a mod finds one.

7.-No verse vs verse or character vs verse battles. This is what a gauntlet is for, pitting an entire universe in battles causes too many problems and variables.

8.-One spite thread is a suggestion to use the Mismatch Center, second is the same, and third is a warning. If the bad threads continue he will get a 3 day ban. making spite matches from time to time has no penalty.

9.-Any trolling qualifies as the equivalent of an insult, and will be punished accordingly.

10.-Bait comments qualify for a warning, continued offenses will be punished accordingly.

11.-Instigating results in a warning, continued offenses will be punished accordingly.

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